The first BBA graduates share their opinion


BITL Baltic IT Leadership - an ambitious and attractive bachelor program, no references from friends or other students. 


Are you still doubting about BITL Baltic It leadership because this is the first year? 

7 years ago Riga Business School opened our first bachelor program - Bachelor of Business administration. 


Read stories and watch videos from the first BBA graduates, who shares their experience about their journey!

Ernests Ķirsis,
Project Manager
Luminor  Bank

"Choosing a university is a tough but important decision to make, you don’t want to commit to something that you would not like in the future because you will put quite a lot of effort in it. From the very beginning, my rule of thumb was diversity and that was something that the BBA program gave me. Of course, this comes from 7 years older me looking down the line but when I'm looking back, I'm glad that the dots are connecting. Here truly fits one of my favorite S.Jobs quotes "You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.” This brought me to the diversity approach, I've made an academic decision with that twice already. The first program I enrolled was BBA1, "the pioneer", after that I’ve also managed to continue my “pioneer” journey at the Master level in Berlin, being the first MIB1 graduate from campus there.

Studying in a start-up is probably one of the best experiences I’ve ever had because you understand both sides (teachers and students) well at the end of the year and get the opportunity to give constructive feedback and see some changes in the approach, later on, all of that gives you a good sense of agile projects that you'll face in most of your life. Another core advantage is the professors, and they are professionals, that not necessarily comes from a classical academic background with published researches in academic journals but also with a proven track record. Overall, I do think RBS and BBA is a bet that is worth making, a good introduction in the world of business and a great network of minds.
My advice to future applicants? It's not going to be easy, but hard work pays off - period. Step outside of your comfort zone, question everything, be hungry and you'll do amazing things!"


Pēteris Kovisārs
Finance Business Partner
Red Tiger


"The 1st thing that attracted me to the RBS Bachelor program was that it was something new and I felt that if I'm one of the first people in this program I would be able to give valuable feedback and be part of how a big project develops for future students. I was also excited for the challenge and the unknown. At the same time the program surprised me from the first day with how well it was organized and made clear to us with all of the courses and opportunities we will be having during the 3 years of studies. 

For me the main thing was that I could get a quality education in a recognized school for their Master program and that I would receive an internationally recognized education in English, which has always been the language I knew I would need in my professional career.

Studying was challenging at times with some new ideas/courses and implementations being introduced during the studies. But, it was always for the better. And the most important thing is that we as students could express our opinion and have an impact on how the program is being shaped and developed, and at this time I feel as being part of the project that was the RBS Bachelor program.

I definitely have no regrets and I understood that being a 1st is actually really great and better, than if I would be a student in an established study program. This experience has also greatly helped me to be successful in my application to the 1st Customer Service center in Baltics - Vilnius, Lithuania as I was also one of the 1st employees to start in the new office. The program helped me to be brave and not being afraid of new things and challenges, but to actually embrace them and make sure to be creative and leave my footprint.

So if you are thinking about the new program in RBS - 
BITL, take a chance! It will test you and challenge you to generate ideas, but you will have unforgettable memories on the way " 

Liza Barere
Customer Service Specialist




Jana Solnceva

Solncev Interiors 


Paula Elksne




Personal Care Brand and Trade Marketing Manager