First Teaching Experience at RBS

Maksims Jegorovs taught the RBS IT management course this autumn. For those who don’ t know him, Maksims is the Accenture Latvia Lead. He has been with Accenture for nearly ten years and been Latvia lead since September of 2007. He has led Accenture Latvia in very difficult times and he and his team have made Accenture Latvia into a local and regional leader in IT services.

We asked Maksims about his first teaching experience at RBS.


RBS: I  know that you have taught IT students in the past, how are the MBA students different?

Maksims:  MBA students are more insistent and sure about their opinions; sometimes it is good, sometimes not good. As a teacher I had to really had to make sure that they respect me, otherwise they would loudly disagree. This added some pressure to make sure that all of my sessions were very well planned and objective clear.  Also, RBS MBA students actually pay money for the 3 hours they spend with you weekly and expect to get value for what they contribute in time and income.

RBS: What was the biggest challenge for you (in this teaching)?

Maksims: I didn’t know what these managment students know about IT. I also needed to understand their interest and what they might expect to learn. I,  of course, looked at how RBS positions the course and saw that databse concepts are part of the course, but I couldn't be sure if they had the real background to understand the concepts embedded in the course. The most positive outcome of really understanding came from a debate we had. I asked students to watch a video speech of Larry Ellison from Oracle. Afterwards, I asked the students to debate some issues that came up. I was really pleased that the RBS MBA students had really understood the database issues we had studied together.

RBS: What was the biggest surprise for you?

Maksims:  The most difficult thing is that there are no normal text books, so I am now collecting material. It will be interesting to bring even more and newer material to the next round of this class.


By Thomas Schmit
RBS Instructor