National Geography Seminar at RBS

On her way from one part of the world to another, Ms Annie Fitzsimmons from National Geographic visited RBS to share her insights on the future of destination marketing, common mistakes made by marketers and best practices seen in action.


“One of the common mistakes I see in tourism ads is an attempt to address just one interest of a potential tourist. Wine tourism for example. How many people going to another country want to see just one aspect and how many of you have just one interest?  And what role plays a sign “don’t walk on grass” in the future potential of a city as a destination?”


These and similar questions asked by Annie in her presentation inspired those in present to recall their own practices as marketers or experiences as travelers.


The seminar devoted to destination marketing addressed topics such as identities and cultures of cities, attraction of travelers and checklist for becoming a tourism destination.

Annie also shared her experience as a journalist of Urban Insider in grasping the core values and traditions of a city just in a few days, presented some good and best practices in branding cities and expressed her own attitudes towards presence of local stores vs international franchises in tourism destinations.


If there is only a one takeaway from the seminar, it is an acknowledgment of the trend in consumer behavior. Cities not countries are the future of destination marketing.