RBS Alumni Agnis Stibe Speaks at an RBS Open Lecture


On October 22 and 23 RBS MBA program alumnus Agnis Stibe visited RBS to share his research on Socially Influencing Systems for Behavior Change: Persuading People to Engage. During the open lecture Dr. Stibe introduced the audience to seven principles that can be used to change people’s thinking, attitude or even behavior.

Social learning, social comparison, normative influence, social facilitation, cooperation, competition and recognition are the seven social influence features that form the socially influencing systems for behavior change. These features can be utilized to influence people's thinking, attitude or even behavior not only directly but also through social media.

Dr. Stibe has been researching these persuasion techniques in his doctoral studies at University of Oulu (Finland): «In my Ph.D. thesis I summarized research on social influence design principles for persuasive systems and, based on that, I have introduced a conceptual framework for studying socially influencing systems.»

Dr. Stibe has an MBA from Riga Business School, a Ph.D. from University of Oulu (Finland) and 20 years of professional experience covering various roles in large multinational companies, such as FirstData International, Oracle, Hewlett-Packard, Microlink, and Bates ADM.


Download the author’s presentation on Socially Influencing Systems.