RBS BBA: Developing Latvia and Reaching the World

A few years ago in a conference I heard that the best strategy for any organization in a globalized economy is actually to become a glocal organization. This means: the organization should keep its local identity and at the same time reach the global market. The BBA has been increasing becoming a glocal undertaking and we have achieved several milestones in this direction during 2013.

On one hand, the RBS BBA has become a more and more active player in the development of Latvia through our partnerships with Junior Achievement Latvia, GoBeyond, Madona Municipality, Tellus and other significant Latvian organizations. On the other hand, the RBS BBA has reached the world with the recruitment of several professors and students from remote countries, with the launching of the double degree program with University at Buffalo, with the tours in Russia and with the organization of the first summer school in Xi’an (China), initially planned for Summer 2014.

We believe that our glocalization will gain in depth in 2014. By the way, the first applicant for BBA 2014 comes from...Tenerife!

By Claudio Rivera
RBS Bachelor Program Director