RBS Introduces Digital Textbooks

Because of our exciting strategic decision, spring 2014 is going to be as exciting as it will be challenging for RBS students, faculty, and staff: Riga Business School is going to introduce e-books in all management programs and courses. While it is considered a test run and not a final decision, it still is a daring yet well considered step toward even more better accessible, high quality content.

Since 1991 RBS has been one of the largest buyers of textbooks in the Baltics, providing students with the latest North American higher education titles from the world’s leading publishers such as Pearson, Cengage, Wiley and McGraw Hill. It has been a key to successful cooperation resulting in even better program opportunities available for students: contract with Harvard Business School, BBA double degree options, transcontinental study trips.

Changes in content delivery technologies, student learning behavior, and demands of technology society have made it clear that e-books are the best option to continue to offer high quality content and to maintain affordable education. Having carefully considered all possible alternatives, we have selected the Coursesmart platform as the best one.

Coursesmart includes over 90% of the core textbooks in use today in North American Higher Education as eTextbooks, as well as the largest online catalog of e-resources and digital course materials available for instant access.

While RBS understands it will take time to get used to this new technology, we are confident about the benefits:

  • Use books on laptops as well as on Android devices, iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch
  • Read textbooks online and offline
  • Save up to 100 £ per title

Not to mention advantages such as:

  • Searchable text (really handy in open book exams)
  • Option to add notes and highlight text
  • Not carrying 1-3 kg to each class
  • Print out 50 % of the book

And let’s not forget about environmental friendly practices.


Read the official statement of RBS:

Official statement of RBS.pdf


More about Coursesmart: www.coursesmart.co.uk