Riga Business School will provide the LIAA Mini MBA program in Innovation Management

Riga Business School has been entrusted with delivering the educational content of the Mini MBA study program in Innovation Management. This continues our successful long-term collaboration with the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA). Studies will be provided to middle and top-level executives, founders, innovation and development process managers of businesses registered in Latvia and will provide practical knowledge for management of innovation processes and promotion of the development of organizations. Companies can enter their employees for studies starting July 18. The study process will begin on September 22nd. Studies will be provided in English.


Thirteen RBS selected educators - experts in their respective fields, will provide a dense 9-week lecture program covering topics such as: The role of leadership and organization management in promoting innovation; Identification and development of innovations; Design thinking; Strategy, implementation and innovation sustainability, and more.


The purpose of the Mini MBA program in Innovation Management is to provide theoretical knowledge and practical skills in developing, motivating, and managing innovation capabilities, plus  to help increase management capabilities while accelerating organizational growth. This leads to  increasing competition in global markets, exportability, and productivity, including:

  • increasing self-efficacy in leading organizational innovation;
  • recognizing the most effective strategies and tools for implementing innovations and solutions;
  • learning to identify innovation goals and assessing the feasibility of achieving them as well as the applicability of methods;
  • improving leadership skills in the organization and management of innovation management processes;
  • understanding the principles of prioritization and the ability to plan the implementation of innovation;
  • learning the principles of sustainable innovation;
  • through mentoring and advisory support, acquiring practical skills that can be applied in the operation of the company.

Companies can enter their employees for studies from 18 to 31 July at the platform www.business.gov.lv. Studies will begin on September 22nd. Twenty people who meet the requirements will be enrolled. 

It will be possible for entrepreneurs to receive 85-100% co-financing. It will be possible to cover the study fee, the remuneration of employees during the studies, as well as tuition materials costs from project resources. 

Find out more about the program and selection criteria on the LIAA website.