Sanda Liepiņa elected as the Chairperson of Advisory Board of Riga Business School

Last week in the Riga Business School (RTU Riga Business School, hereinafter RBS) Advisory Board meeting Sanda Liepiņa was elected as the new Chairperson of the Advisory Board. Viesturs Kuļikovskis has been approved as the Deputy Chairman. In the Advisory Board of RBS Sanda Liepiņa is replacing its long-standing Chairman and Founder of the school Voldemārs Innus. Powers of the Advisory Board is similar to the institution’s Council powers.

Although amendments to the Law on Higher Education Institutions only this year after the voting of Saeima anticipate formation of the Councils of universities, RBS Advisory Board exists already from the foundation of the school in 1991. It has always acted as the supervisor of the development of the school and facilitator of quality. With time also representatives from the University of Buffalo and University of Ottawa joined the RBS Advisory Board to promote strategic cooperation with the founders of RBS. Throughout this period both representatives of the cooperation partners and several companies have been part of the Advisory Board.

Currently composition of the RBS Advisory Board is as follows: Sanda Liepiņa, Viesturs Kuļikovskis, Voldemārs Innus, Uldis Bērtulsons, Arnis Ozols, Daina Mazutis, John Tully, Paul Tesluk, Ilmārs Upenieks, Elīna Gaile-Sarkane and Daiga Auziņa-Melalksne. Arnis Ozols, John Tully and Daiga Auziņa-Melalksne joined the RBS Advisory Board as new Members of the Advisory Board. On 10 September of this year RBS Council approved the new Advisory Board, and on 27 September it was approved by RTU Senate.

Currently Sanda Liepiņa is the Lead of international programs of International Finance Corporation; she is the former CEO of Finance Latvia Association and has served as the State Secretary of the Ministry of Education and Science, whereas Viesturs Kuļikovskis is Board Member of ALFA Finance, Co-Founder of DoFinance. Sanda Liepiņa is represented in the Advisory Board since 2017, Viesturs Kuļikovskis - since 2015.

Sanda Liepiņa, Chairperson of RBS Advisory Board: “Throughout its existence RBS has provided global level education in Latvia, fostered cooperation with employers and organisations of entrepreneurs in order to introduce to the maximum extent into the agenda of the Latvian business education everything required for the growth of employers. Considering the brand strategy of the school, gradual adjustment of the programs and education formats to the leadership in the technology era is a direction RBS is determined to take. RBS definitely sees its contribution in the education long after our graduates exit the door of the school or close the computer screen. Education provided by RBS has to promote transfer of values and development to the society through the perspective of graduates and supporters. Without a doubt, RBS has a large role in the ecosystem of higher education.”

During the last week’s RBS Advisory Board meeting Director of the School Jānis Grēviņš introduced members of the Advisory Board to the school development and plans, especially focusing on the RBS business development vision that envisages providing international and modern leadership and business administration education in the technology development century.

Higher education administration reform anticipates appointing councils also in other Latvian universities, providing that Senate is the supervisor of the academic work but Council reviews strategy and the higher education establishment development.


More information:

Jānis Grēviņš, RBS Director, jgrevins [at] rbs [dot] lv

Agnese Strazda, RBS Communications and Marketing Director (temporary), agnese [dot] strazda [at] rbs [dot] lv