Teaching Centres Symposium 2019


University of London (UoL) Teaching Centres Symposium 2019, held on the 6th and 7th of March, brought together representatives of the Recognized Teaching Centres from around the world and was centered around student's journey. RBS is a University of London Recognised Teaching Centre to support UoL International Foundation Programme, and Tatiana Ginzburg, Director of RBS University Preparation Centre, participated in the Symposium.


The two days were spent discussing topics that ranged from student recruitment and progression, legal framework and marketing of Recognised Teaching Centres to student exchange experiences, staff development, library services, and ensuring student employability after graduation. A significant part of the symposium was dedicated to programme specific sessions, presentation of new programmes and innovative ways of teaching. 


The participants had a chance for a hands-on experience of technology in education. ICARUS, a digital simulation game developed by the UCL School of Management and using big data, had teams of participants competing with each other in developing strategic plans for an airport. At the same time, those brave enough to try out Virtual Reality tools were not disappointed. Although the entertaining experience was presented as a journey through different universes with various creatures appearing here and there, the algorithm behind it was developed by Goldthmiths University of London to be used in molecular biology to study changes in DNA. 


The Teaching Centres Symposium takes place every two years to bring together colleagues from all over the globe to exchange ideas, share expertise and network.