Entrepreneurial Finance

Faculty: R.Lieksnis, Ph.D.

Time: Thursdays, 18:00 - 21:00


The course is intended to give students an understanding of the entrepreneurial finance process. It covers the full range of venture capital/private equity financing activities, focusing on a variety of deals – start-ups, growth investments and buyouts – from both the entrepreneur’s and the investor’s point of view. Class discussions will cover a broad range of challenges, from assessing investment opportunities to structuring financings, from dealing with entrepreneurial business issues to ultimately realizing one’s investment. Supplementing the core Entrepreneurship PMBA course, which deals, inter alia, with start-up financing, the course will focus more on the later stage, private equity financing arrangements.
Participation fee for 1 course, 1 person is EUR 620* including VAT (* the fee doesn’t include course compendium and book)



As the number of seats is limited and available on "first-come-first-serve basis", please register by sending email to info [at] rbs [dot] lv.

Please include payment information (company details or personal details, bank details), so we are able to send you an invoice before class begins.


Registration deadline:

You are kindly asked to register before January 4, 2021.


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