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In Summer 2022, the following courses will be available:




 May 2 – Aug 8  



18:00 - 21:00




Faculty: Raivis Lucijanovs, MBA



The course goal is to introduce the core concepts, basic principles, and practices of modern financial accounting and managerial accounting in order to provide a working knowledge of how to use accounting reports intelligently. 

The topics will be addressed from the perspective of the accounting information user, with a focus on what the accounting information user needs to know about accounting.




  May 3 – Aug 9 



18:00 - 21:00





Faculty: Mike Wells, Ph.D.



In this course, you will gain a better understanding of the entrepreneurial process as well as develop your skills, abilities, and attitude toward entrepreneurial ventures. The knowledge and tacit skills gained in this course are intended to better prepare you for the climate of uncertainty and complexity in the ever-changing job market, which includes recession, global mobility, increases in contract work, job status changes, and increases in self-employment. You will examine the entrepreneurial process using a variety of methods, including lectures, scholarly theory and research to inform your thinking, in-class exercises to apply the theory, and experienced guest speakers from local industry.




May 5 – Aug 11 



18:00 - 21:00





Faculty: Raimonds Lieksnis, Ph.D.



This course gives students a general understanding of how capital markets work as well as basic analytical tools for investment management. The course specifically covers valuation principles, risk analysis, modern portfolio theory, the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM), market microstructure, index models, arbitrage pricing models, bond and common stock valuation, derivatives and their valuation, e‑cient market hypothesis, and investment management. Using Stock -Trak Portfolio Simulations, students gain experience making real-life investment decisions.




May 16 – Aug 30






Faculty: Ph.D.cand. Ilze Amanda Auziņa



We bring world’s best practices to Riga Business School and Latvia. Take your studies to the next level by diving deep into AI. Machine Learning with Python Course is an in-depth introduction to the field of machine learning, from linear models to deep learning and reinforcement learning, through hands-on Python projects.
• Proficiency in Python programming or Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python from MITx MicroMasters
• Probability - The Science of Uncertainty and Data from MITx MicroMasters or equivalent probability theory course
• College-level single and multi-variable calculus
• Vectors and matrices



Jun 27 – Aug 10 



18:00 - 21:00




Faculty: Igors Rodins, Masters



The course will prepare managers to face the challenge of implementing artificial intelligence to grow their businesses, reduce costs, and manage risks. In the context of such an efort, executives and managers face traditional challenges such as developing organizational culture and structures, selecting and motivating people, and making decisions in the
face of di‑cult ethical and business quandaries. Despite the proliferation of AI methods and technologies, the course will primarily focus on AI as a "black box." The course includes a comparative study of human and machine processes to teach participants how to extract high performance from organizational domains where activities and decisions are distributed among humans and machines. Participants will gain a critical understanding of the interpretability and accountability of AI in business contexts, as well as how to blend AI into business decision-making.



Participation fee EUR 645 + VAT*

*RBS Alumni, AmCham, BritCham, NCCL, LCCI, Startin.LV,

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