Seminar «Who will be the winner? Professional exploitation of subordinates»

Time: February 6 th, 18:00

Place: RBS
Language: Russian
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Participation fee: 15 Ls for RBS students and AA members, 20 Ls for others, please transfer to AA account.
Seminar topics will cover: 
- Personnel exploitation as the primary goal of the manager 
- Administrative operating systems; 
- Regular management as an obligatory stage of development of the company
Alexander Fridman  is a strategic management business-adviser who practices for  18 years. Alexander started to work in Moscow and didn’t hold the programs in Latvia since 2009. But he continued to address corporate and public seminars in Russia and the CIS countries. A.Fridman realized more than 100 projects (Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan) as business adviser since 1993. Such themes were mentioned: introduction and work out of a business development strategy, reorganization of corporate governance system, improvement of work of sale departments, formation of corporate administrative teams. 
Attention was paid to such segments as:  wholesale trade in FMCG sphere, В2В trade and services, manufacture, network retail and retail etc. 
Alexander will also hold a two day seminar in Riga, March 28 and 29th. More information: