Company visit to Energolukss


Miķelis Caunītis
(Energolukss, CEO
RBS Alumnus)
Nowadays, everyday life without electricity is unthinkable. Often, even the equipment which apparently does not require electricity can not operatewithout it. 
"Energolukss", ltd is a full service company whose main business is secure and continuous electrical power supply. Operating in the Latvian marketsince 1997, the company has reached leading position in electric generators and UPS power supply sales, repair and maintenance field, as well as more and more attention is put on possible energy saving equipment.
Installations allow to secure bank, supermarket, water supply system, hospital, modern production process and other crucial busineses managers to focus on their business and decrease risks of interruption of work and processes because of low electrical power quality. Almost every day, everyone attends at least one public building were in "Energolukss" has had installed guaranteed power network or equipment. "Energolukss" provided equipment is installed at all major telecommunications companies, like - LMT, Tele2, Bite, Lattelecom, banks- Swedbank, Nordea, SEB, hospitals, many shopping centers an hundreds of private houses.
Riga Business School Alumnus Mr. Mikelis Caunitis has established his business in 1997 and is the sole owner and manager up to this day. Mr.Caunitis will give some basic advices you possibly can use in your private house or in company to improve power supply quality and have some savings on energy costs.


When: November 16th, 17:00. 
Where: Aizkraukles str. 21 - 221, Riga. Please have a look at the map (there are two buildings with same number):
Participation fee 10 Ls for RBS students and AA members, 20 Ls for others, AA account
Please register by emailing to Anita [dot] Straujuma [at] rbs [dot] lv