... by Pēteris Strautiņš, Macro Analyst at DNB, RBS Alumnus

Over the last couple of years the forecasts issued by DNB banka have moved ahead of consensus view in sunny direction, correctly, it seems. The outlook for Latvian economy has improved substantially comparing to the dark days of 2009 when Pēteris Strautiņš, then working for another bank, could only sigh in his first Macro Lecture to RBS Alumni that “the increase of the acceleration of decline is diminishing”.

Right now Latvia is the fastest growing EU economy, growth is not only quite fast, but also broad-based and healthy — built not on debt binge, but export growth, investment, also moderate and sustainable increase of consumption.

What has not changed is the understanding that macro trends are extremely important for managers to understand — these can indeed be life or death issue, that things can get worse “deep beneath” when optimism reaches its peak and vice versa. Fortunately, macro is more and more about life than death these days.

So, come for a slightly cynical, moderately data-laden, spiritual and otherwise entertaining lecture about Latvian and global macro trends. It will last for about an hour or a bit more, depending on the body language of listeners. Snacks and coffee (whatever the bank can afford) will be served later. There is a chance to meet fellow alumni, Macro Lecture 2009 was the most popular RBS Company Visit ever. Well, in those days the picture was more in conformity with the deepest and most immovable item in the cognitive toolkit of Latvians — THINGS ARE GETTING WORSE, ALWAYS — but MBA folks should be a more optimistic and data-based bunch, right?


Time: May 16th, 09:30
Place: DNB, Skanstes 12
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