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August 19 – Guest Lecture by Dr. Arun K. Jain: Creating Brand Equity for Growth
July 17 – Guest Lecture by Dr. Utpal Bhattacharya: Is Unbiased Advice to Retail Investors Sufficient?
July 16 – RBS Bike Rogaining 2015
May 27 – Business Outlook for Latvia for 2015/16
May 6 – Competitiveness Dialogue Series Seminar Branding Me
April 29 – Company Visit to Latvijas Televīzija
April 21 – Guest Lecture by Annie Fitzsimmons: Century of the City – How and Why Cities Will Drive Tourism Success
February 19 - Competitiveness Dialogue Series Seminar Professional Social Identities
January 28 – Competitiveness Dialogue Series Seminar The Cloud for Managers: Trends and Real-Life Cases


December 9 – Competitiveness Dialogue Series Seminar Competencies for Effective NGO Leadership
October 22, 23 – Guest Lecture by Dr. Agnis Stibe: Socially Influencing Systems for Behavior Change: Persuading People to Engage
October 21 – Competitiveness Dialogue Series Seminar Competitiveness and Business Transformation
September 16 – Competitiveness Dialogue Series Seminar Leading in the New Economy
August 19 – Competitiveness Dialogue Series Seminar Strategic Innovation for Management
June 19 – Seminar Lean Management
May 21 – Economic Outlook for Latvia in the Light of Ukraine’s Crisis
April 29 – Company Visit to National Library’s New Building
April 8 – Company Visit to NP Foods
March 24 – Seminar Risk Management


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