Study on the Present Competitive Performance and Future Prospects 

of the Banking Industry in Latvia

This paper is a research project that evaluates the performance of the top banks under both models over the past ten years and attempts to identify the opportunities and risks of the two models in the future. Additionally it measures attitudes of the public towards these banks.


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Study on Corporate Social Responsibility and NGOs in Latvia


This research contributes to the developing concept of Corporate Social Responsibility and civil society in Latvia The complementary purposes of this paper are to document the public ’s attitude toward NGOs and to research the benefits and limitations of collaborative business partnerships. The data for this research was gathered through an online survey of 801 respondents by using the snowball network methodology. Major findings include (1) efiective models of business-NGO partnerships can guide organizational leaders as they make strategic decisions about their programs, services, products and investments; (2) respondents are not as well-informed about NGOs as they would like to be, and (3) they have only a modest level of trust in NGOs. A major limitation is that the sample does not represent the general population of Latvia by age, gender or involvement with NGOs. Future research to replicate these results should be conducted using a representative, stratified random sample of the Latvian population.


Ritvo R.A & Feldmane A. (2015). Corporate Social Responsibility in Latvia: Building Partnerships on Public Support for NGOs. Journal of Management Policy and Practice, 16(2), 26-37.


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