Alumni Auditorium

     Chriss Cherry "Studentu Paradīzē 2011"Chriss Cherry "Studentu Paradīzē 2011"Chriss Cherry "Studentu Paradīzē 2011"Chriss Cherry "Studentu Paradīzē 2011"Chriss Cherry "Studentu Paradīzē 2011"


      The auditorium includes:

  • 60 seats
  • 3 Full HD projectors
  • 3 Full HD  cameras
  • Auto sensing microphone for every participant


RBS Alumni Auditorium is the first of its kind virtual lecture hall in Europe. It provides participants with an immersive, lifelike communications experience that combines high-definition video and high-quality audio to realistically convey the body language and human elements that are critical to the interactive nature of a classroom.  The new Auditorium provides RBS students with access to professors, business leaders and distinguished speekers located around the globe. It will also help RBS faculty to share their expertise with students across multiple national and international locations overcoming physical boundaries of a classroom.


Along the traditional lecture scenario the auditorium also offers:

  • Video lectures from around the globe

Videolecture between Latvia, Sweden, Poland, USA, Lithuania and Helsinki



  • Simultanious translation of speakers both present and online in cooperation with KT Serviss

Simultaneous translation in Latvian and English of the Farmers Parliament workshop about catch crops and buffer zones



  • Multilanguage streaming and recording of events, lectures and conferences in cooperations with



Find out more about what the auditorium is capable of:



The Auditorium is custom-built thanks to generous donations from Lattelecom, Epson, BiroTeh, Velve, Energolukss and other companies employing RBS Alumni.