«MBA Studies at RBS University attracted me because of wide range courses offered, international faculty and quality of the educational institution itself. It is a great chance to broaden my knowledge with deeper analysis from various business perspectives and also an integral part is interaction with other students through what I find many new contacts for my professional networking. MBA degree gives the knowledge, credibility among peers and helps to solve business problems at everyday work.»

"Education is not filling a pail, but the lighting of a fire." ~William Butler Yeats

Ilze Grase-Ķibilde
Audi Brand Manager (Latvia, Lithuania) at Moller Baltic Import



«Many people start out to do an MBA so that they can get a well-paid job. But far more important is to find out what you want to be. Before I began my RBS studies I saw myself only as an engineer. RBS helped me to completely reinvent myself. With the right studies and mentoring, I made the mental switch from technology to management and developed a brand new set of skills. It’s a very important to understand that MBA is not a silver bullet. Having an MBA will not automatically make you a top manager; it is just an enabler. You should be ready to change yourself and take from RBS all that is on offer. It worked for me, I’ve managed to change occupations, locations and became a VP in a big, multinational company.»

Herman Epstein
Carlsberg Eastern Europe & Baltika Breweries


«RBS gives you an opportunity to develop the required expertise, skills and awareness to be a successful leader in a changing business environment.
Whether you use the opportunity is up to you!»

Ilze Siliņa
Managing Director
Latvija Statoil


«I could not imagine myself in a managerial position without having my RBS MBA. I have had tremendous career growth. I believe there are two investments that always provide positive returns – education and travel. That is why I studied at RBS and  work at airBaltic!»

Daiga Ērgle
Vice President HR
AirBaltic Corporation


«Seeing that a potential new hire has an MBA gives me confidence that this person deeply understands the essential business functions and processes and can apply them in creating and implementing a viable strategy.»

Inese Eglīte
Marketing Director
Valmieras piens, JSC


«If we cut trees when they are still young, we will have no shade or shelter from the sun when we become old. I chose to study at RBS because I am taught in English, and the program has a course schedule that is as flexible as my work schedule is changeable. I studied in the U.S., and knew that I had a school in Riga that offered American style education with real world case studies, workshops and lively discussions like I had grown used to.»

Anrī Leimanis
Director of Legal
Lattelecom, Ltd.


«MBA studies in Riga Business School were a major boost to my personal development and further career. They ensured a solid theoretical basis for all my managerial activities thus providing possibilities to develop enterprises where I work and to grow together with them.»

Aldis Greitāns
Chairman of the Board
Itella Information


«My RBS studies were a fantastic support and help as we were establishing our clinics. During this project I had a lot of questions that were addressed by my professors and fellow students. Studies RBS is an excellent way to get both answers and questions (that you never thought of!). Professors that I spoke to about our start-up have become friends and mentors. This is a great benefit.»

Leons Platacis
Chairman of the Board
Premium Medical


«The most valuable things I got were a practical mindset and a problem-solving mentality. Business is all about getting things done! You can always wish for more information, better partners, lower taxes and smaller bureaucracy, but we all operate in an imperfect world.  It can be so depressing these days, so listening to my fellow graduates these days is often like a breath of fresh air.»

Pēteris Strautiņš
Economics expert
DnB Nord, JSC


«At RBS you can study in a world class MBA program while still working on your home ground – Latvia.  It is as least equally  valuable to expand your local business network.  Analysis of costs and returns proves that the RBS MBA always gives positive returns to your personal growth.»

Māris Ozoliņš
Member of the Board
Tieto Latvia, Ltd.


«Our graduates, with their dreams, courage and knowledge can bring success and improvement to themselves, their businesses, their families, Latvia and, of course, the world.»

Juris Jonaitis
NP Foods