RBS English Languate Center considers placing students at he right level to be critical for their success in studies. In order to apply for any of the courses offered by RBS English Language Center, you will have to test your English language proficiency, which  includes a test and an interview.


The two tests used for placement have been developed by the Univeristy of Michigan (USA) and are recognized internationally.

Beginner  Intermediate: If you consider your English language skills to be below average, we offer you English Placement Test (EPT). 
Time: 65 minutes
The EPT is a 100 item multiple-choice test. It contains problems testing listening comprehension of short utterances (sentences read from the tape recorder), grammar in conversational contexts, selection of high frequency vocabulary to fit the context of single sentences, and reading comprehension of sentences.
Intermediate  Advanced: If you consider your English language skills to be above average, we offer you Michigan Test of English Language Proficiency (MTELP).
Time: 75 minutes

The MTELP is a 100 item multiple-choice test containing grammar items in a conversational format, vocabulary items requiring selection of a synonym or completion of a sentence, and reading passages followed by comprehension questions.


Register for placement test


Tests are held at Riga Business school, Riga, 11 Skolas Str.

Registration for the interview is right after the test. Interviews are usually organized on the next working day after the test. During the interview a member of the English Language Center faculty will further assess your language skills, comment on your test result and offer you a course that suits your level of English and interests.


Check the placement level you will need in order to start a chosen course in the table below.


RBS ELC placement level

General English (GE)

All levels

Business English (BE)

Intermediate, High-Intermediate

Effective Presentations in English

From High-Intermediate

Effective Communication in English

From Lower-Intermediate

TOEFL ITP prep course

From High-Intermediate

RBS Intellectual test prep course

From High-Intermediate


To ensure your place in a group, after the interview please come to the RBS Information Center where you will be registered for the course and issued an invoice-contract.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact RBS Information center at 67089800 or info [at] rbs [dot] lv