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The  first RBS Executive MBA Program for the top level executives was launched in 2000 in collaboration with the State University of New York at Buffalo (USA). Join the new EMBA '22 Cohort and start your transformation in January 2022. 

The RBS Executive MBA Program is designed to empower and advance experienced executives to new leadership heights. Moreover, it adds new perspectives and tools to their existing vast management knowledge and embraces all aspects of contemporary management practice.
The North-American style management curriculum complemented with the best European experience provides leaders who want knowledge and excellence with a truly global executive learning and networking opportunities.

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Executive MBA at RBS program value:

  a focused leadership skill development program delivered by recognized experts, RBS uses what is called "experiential learning", meaning that our participants learn mainly "by doing." This approach is unique in the Baltic States;
  • Distinguished international faculty
  from the USA, Canada, Argentina, South Africa, Europe, and more;
  to our superb partner schools and organizations – a European and a trans-continental study trip. Each trip is planned as a learning module focused on a specific theme, such as negotiation, innovation, inner workings of the European Union, or global business. RBS has organized trips to the University of Cambridge (United Kingdom), BI Norwegian Business School (Norway), the State University of New York at Buffalo (USA), University of Stellenbosch Business School (South Africa), Westford School of Management (United Arab Emirates), and Jiao Tong University (People’s Republic of China in Shanghai);
  • Carefully selected students
  receive valuable experience, networking opportunities with local and global executives and insights to share with their peers, making the study process and discussion insightful and educational. Meeting experienced leaders from different industries is an advantage which is offered by the RBS Executive MBA Program.


The RBS Executive MBA program allows students to maintain their professional career while bringing real and immediate benefits to students’ and their company’s growth.


EMBA class profile

EMBA students are carefully selected, they come from the private sector, governmental and non-governmental institutions. They are in middle-level, first-level or senior positions in their institutions or are entrepreneurs. The size of the class allows for a more personal and student-centered approach, closer networking opportunities, and more effective learning from professors and other students.
From the first day EMBA students take all classes together as a cohort, they build a tight network, meaningful connections and friendship that lasts beyond graduation day. 

Accelerate your business growth and bring yourself to new leadership heights!



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