Program Description


EMBA at a glance 

  • Starts in January
  • Classes are held once a month for one long weekend (Thursday to Saturday from 9am till 9pm)
  • Individual approach 
  • Program language - English
  • Duration 20 months
  • Consists of 4 modules
  • 15 core and advanced courses
  • Two study trips - European and Global
  • Leadership Development Practicum during the whole EMBA
  • Capstone project


The EMBA curriculum is designed to provide perspective about a diverse set of business areas, develop strategic thinking and the leadership skills that prepare you for effective organizational and operational development in the fast-changing and competitive global modern environment. 
Core courses are mandatory for all students, and electives allow students to sharpen their skills within specific areas of management and to satisfy their interests and help in their professional domain. All courses in the EMBA emphasize the art of strategic thinking, the development of new business frameworks, and the importance of outstanding management skills.
Each course and each module complements the others. Step-by-step, EMBA studies will draw you a picture of successful, advantage seeking progressive management, meaningful and effective leadership and will accelerate your growth as a leader.
      Core Courses       Advanced courses

Behavioral and Organizational Concepts for  Managers - G. Mathers


Decision Making and Forecasting Using Statistical Methods - A. Koliškins


Marketing Management - I. Eglīte


Managerial Economics Macro Perspectives - A. Jakobsons


Managerial Accounting - R. Lucijanovs 


Financial Management - R. Lieksnis


Human Resources Management - I. Blūma


Information Technology & Strategy - S.Meijere


Strategic Management - A. Dzedons

Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility - A. Zakatistovs


Management strategies - A. Dzedons


Service Marketing - V. Kaže


Entrepreneurship - M. Wells


Business Law & Corporate Governance - I. Azanda


Operations and Service  Management - A. Dzedons



European Union Study trip


Trans-continental Study trip

Courses may change due to the interests, requests and dynamic of the group.

What you learn will bring you to new levels of management and leadership to becomeand assist you in your journey to being an even more effective, responsible and progressive leader.